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People are becoming more and more busier at work. There are lots of pressure on you to perform, other wise you risk being fired. That’s why adding household cleaning to your already busy schedule will become the last straw that will break your back. Instead, allow Four Results Carpet Cleaning to take care of your home cleaning needs.

We begin by accessing what needs to be cleaned, what method will be most effective, and what budget may be affordable to you. In the end, we will leave your home looking good and smelling fresh as new. You can schedule your appointment now or you can equally use the ‘special offer‘ links below to make your schedules.


1. Carpet Cleaning

3 Areas/Rooms (600 sq.ft)
4 Areas/Rooms (800 sq.ft)
5 Areas/Rooms (up to 1000 sq.ft)

2. Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Area 1 (300 sq.ft)
Area 2 (600 sq.ft)
Area 3 (900 sq.ft)

3. Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rug Small (10x10 sq.ft)
Area Rug Medium (10x15 sq.ft)
Area Rug Large (10x20 sq.ft)

4. Upholstery Cleaning

Love Seat (2 cushions)
Sofa (3 cushions)
Sectional (7 cushions)

5. Tile & Grout Cleaning

Small Area (250 sq. ft)
Medium (500 sq. ft)
Large Area (1000 sq. ft)

6. Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct & Vent (up to 20 vents)
Dryer Duct & Vent (up to 1 dryer)